Stylish 1964 Jaguar Mk2, a 220hp 3.8 V6 with twin carburettor SU HD6 and a steering problem.

This unit has been restored and is in an almost impeccable state of preservation. Every detail shows the class and elegance of the period, which is not very accessible to many.

The passing of the years and the hard steering of this car mean that it is no longer a pleasure to take this fantastic jewel for a drive. For this we will install an electric power steering system from a 2002 Opel Corsa, with all that this entails: adapting, manufacturing, inventing... making sure that everything is in its place, without alterations, as stock as possible, without modifying the comfort of the driving position. Translated with (free version)

At first glance there are a number of things that will have to be modified. Physically there is no place to house the new steering assembly, so parts of the chassis will have to be cut out from under the dashboard, brackets and anchors will have to be made, and a position will have to be found that is as unobtrusive as possible for the driver.

Once this issue has been solved, the steering rod has to be lengthened as it is shorter than the standard one.

Another thing to be solved is the installation of the standard Jaguar steering wheel, which has a specific spline and diameter that logically does not match those of an Opel.

From here we start to develop the work. As we are assembling, we see that we have to manufacture and modify everything that already exists so that it fits in the right place. The indicator controls, brackets, wiring, control unit, etc...

Another thing we will have to struggle with will be to make the horn work through the steering wheel's built-in control, as the standard steering rod is hollow and can accommodate the cable for this purpose, but the new one is not....

Once everything is installed, all that remains is to make the electrical connections and check that everything works as intended.

It is at this point that we run into another problem. This car, like some other British models, is Positive Mass? i.e. everything runs at -12V and not at 12V as usual. So we have a car that runs at -12V and a power steering system with its electronics designed to run at 12V. A failure could ruin the dynamo or voltage generator, as this model does not have an alternator.

After finishing the electrical installation, we make all the connections, close everything up, start the car and... the smoothness with which this car now moves makes it once again a source of enjoyment for anyone who sits down to drive it.

To suit all tastes, this steering is fitted with a potentiometer so that the hardness can be adjusted to suit each driver's taste.

Standard: 3.8 V6 with twin carburettor SU HD6
As standard
Wheels and Tyres
As standard
Adaptive power steering from Opel Corsa 2002
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